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Xbox360 no-video repair service


Xbox 360 Error 74 Infra Red

Infra Red re flow of Xbox GPU at our electronic workshop in Manchester.

Xbox 360 No Video Repair with Collection & Delivery UK - £55

When an Xbox stops displaying video, the main cause is a failure of the connections between the Graphics Processing chip and the main board of the Xbox 360. This is due mainly to the switch in China in 2006 to Lead Free solder. The high operating temperature of the Xbox 360 causes fractures in the solder connections and a whole host of problems, one of them being the failure of the Xbox 360 to display video.

We can repair this fault with the latest Infra Red technology to re flow the solder under the Graphics Processing Chip of the the Xbox 360.


The only reliable method of repairing this problem, is to re flow the solder on the BGA chip. This can ONLY be done reliably, using an INFRA RED BGA REWORK STATION.

The method we use to repair NO-VIDEO faults is the method used by Microsoft to repair this kind of fault.

Methods involving putting the main board in an oven, will not repair the solder joints. All the plastic components on the board would melt before the correct temperature (required to re flow the solder) would be reached. Infra Red avoids the problems associated with overheat by carefully controlling the temperatures being applied to the Graphics Processing Microchip.

Xbox 360 No-Video Repair - £40 + £15 c&d UK

Xbox 360 No Video Repair with Collection & Delivery UK - £55

The Xbox 360 displaying NO VIDEO is similar to the Ring Of Death. The solder that is failing can be on a different chip than the Ring of Death fault. If the fault returns within 3 months of the original repair, we will repair it again free of charge, but it is your responsibility to cover the courier costs. Courier collection and delivery is currently £15 anywhere in the UK.

If a previous repair has been attempted on your Xbox 360, don't use this service. We will charge £20 to work on consoles that have been 'repaired' by novices even if the unit does not recover. Novice repair methods of heating the board up cause the pcb to warp. It is then impossible to get a correct re flow of the solder because of the curvature on the PCB.

The Only way to properly repair this problem is to use an Infra Red BGA re flow of the solder

shipping costs and the legal standpoint

Playbackups is based in North Manchester and is dedicated to the modification of games console. All modchip installations are carried out with the latest and best modchip available for that console at the time.

Pickup and delivery back is available throughout the UK. Just add £15.00 to the Xbox 360 repair price for this service.

Xbox360 modchip flash flashing upgrades and Repair services based in Chadderton, Oldham in Greater Manchester, We can repair your Xbox 360 console quickly and professionally. Xbox 360 repairs are guaranteed and carried out by experienced electronic engineers.