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breakdown report

Independent console engineer breakdown report

We can compile a breakdown report for anyone who needs an independent assessment of why the console has broken down. We can give you an impartial opinion of what has failed on your console and whether or not the fault is due to normal wear and tear or a manufacture problem.


In most cases of failure for Xbox360 and Playstation 3 - The problem is a manufacture one. The Red Ring of Death and the Yellow light of death are caused by failure of the BGA solder points on the main board of the console. This fault was there at the time of purchase and means that the sale of the console does not conform to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 UK. It is up to the RETAILER and not the manufacturer to ensure that the goods are fit for sale and not inherantly faulty at the time of sale. After Sony's claims that the customer could expect 10 years of game-play from the Playstation3, it is not unreasonable to expect the console to last the 6 years covered by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 UK. and not just the 12 months covered under Sony's warranty.

If you bring the console to us, the cost of the engineer report is £20.

To have an independent engineer assessment carried out, you can book a collection and delivery below. The full cost for collection, delivery and fault report is £35. This report is useful for retailers requiring a report about the fault and insurance companies requiring an independent report and repair cost assessment.


PS3 Independent Fault Report including Collection & Delivery UK - £35


A PS3 that suffered the Yellow Light of Death 18 months after purchase from Argos:

Just a quick reply to let you know how i went on at Argos.
After getting the report from you yesterday I phoned Argos customer services who told me to take it back to the shop where it was bought and speak to the manager.
Once i explained the problem to him and gave him the reference number provided by Argos customer services he just said "ok no problem, we can swap it for a new one if that's ok"
So i left there with a new 120gb ps3 slim and a twelve month warranty
Thank you for the report yesterday



CURRYS DIXONS PCWORLD (all owned by Dixons Store Group International PLC) & HMV.

Certain Retailers are asking for additional information from customers when they enquire about replacement under the Sales of Goods Act, Company Registration Numbers, VAT registration numbers etc. This is a tactic to make it more difficult for you to meet the criteria they set out for replacing the faulty goods. None of this additonal information is needed.

Not having this information is not legal grounds for them to dispute an Independent report.

This is a tactic to make it more difficult for you to get a refund or replacement. You do not have to search for information for individual retailers requests. You can supply them an Independent Report from us and if they want any additional information, they can contact us directly in writing and we will be happy to supply the information. (subject to the Data Protection Act).


If the retailer refuses to replace the faulty goods, they would automatically lose at small claims court. You will not have to go to court as:

The publicity the case would generate would cost them significantly more than replacing the defective console they sold you.

We repair many of these defective consoles, we can definatively prove where the defect lies.

Most retailers will accept the findings of our report and offer you a replacement or refund. But if you get a retailer that is more stubborn and refuses to accept the findings of the report. You should make it clear to the retailer that you know your rights and are prepared to proceed to court if they ignore the Sales of Goods Act.

If they stubbornly wont budge - don't worry - we can provide you with all the information you need to cheaply and easily enforce your rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

PS3 Independent Fault Report including Collection & Delivery UK - £35

Independent PS3 Fault Report including Collection & Dleivery UK- £35

PAYAL PS3 Fault Report Including C&D UK

One of our customers recently had a reply from HMV when asked to replace the goods under the Sale of Goods Act:

" Please note that Sony will most likely replace the console, rather than repair it, as it has proved to have an inherent fault. "

Well done to HMV for finally admitting that the Playstation3 console has major manufactured inherent faults. Perhaps now they will replace faulty consoles without their customers having to issue a County Court Summons.

shipping costs

We can pickup consoles and deliver them back, anywhere in the UK . The price for collection and delivery back is £15.