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---------- Opening hours are 12.00pm to 6.00pm Mon to Saturday --------

We are closed on Sunday and Wednesday

Playbackups is based in North Manchester and is dedicated to the modification of games consoles. All modchip installations are carried out with the latest and best modchip available for that console at the time.

We do free collection and delivery back, anywhere in Greater Manchester, UK.

For technical enquiries you can contact: Freeman Stevespy on:
Mobile: (0777) 633 1707

Email: [email protected]

Click here if you want an Independent console fault report.

If you wish to bring your console over for modification, phone or email for directions to our workshop in North Manchester. We are near juntion21 of the M60.

We are an internet based wholesale specialist repair centre. Many retail shops bring consoles to us.

The address of our electronic repair centre is:, 17 Scholes Drive, New Moston, Manchester, M40 3RX

We do not require any of your leads or controllers.

Opening hours are 12pm to 6pm Mon - Sat, Closed Sunday and Wednesday.

Don't forget to call us when you are coming over to make sure there is an engineer available to do your repair or upgrade. your place for Xbox 360 repair and flash services, PS3 repair and modding services, PS2 repair and modding services, PSP repair and flashing services, Nintendo Wii modchip and repair services. All repairs and upgrades are carried out at our Manchester electronic workshop. Modchip's and flashing services allow you to play downloaded backup copies of your original games. You are allowed 1 backup of every original game you own.

Console Collection & Delivery back anywhere in the UK - £15

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