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downloading perfectly legal copies

How to download perfectly legal copies of your original games:

In the United Kingdom, you are allowed 1 backup copy of every original game that you own. Copying original games these days is a little complex for most gamers, as on Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 you have to extract security sectors. This can be a time consuming process.

It is far easier to download games from the Internet, burn them to disc and play them on your modified console. We can modify the console for you, it is up to you to get hold of the backup copies to play on your newly modified console.

Downloading Site:

Torrent sites (go on to google and type "Xbox360 torrent" and many sites will be listed). If you have a torrent client installed, you open the torrent and it will automatically load into your torrent client and download the ISO that you need to write to disc.

Torrent clients are:UTORRENT, BITTORRENT, etc. These are a free to download.

Where downloading backup copies is not illegal, it is illegal for you to upload and share this type of file. Avoid uploading and sites that require you to keep a ratio of upload to downloads.

Once you have the ISO file downloaded you will need software to burn it to disc. The best software for burning Xbox360 and Wii games is:


For Nintendo Wii games just burn the ISO to a normal DVD. Datawrite or any good quality discs will help extend the life of your laser.

For Xbox 360 games, you should have two files, a DVD file extension as well as the ISO file. Load the DVD file into imageburn and that will provide the information on where to separate the DVD layers. The discs required for Xbox360 are DUAL LAYER DVD. The best discs to use are VERBATIM DUAL LAYER DVD+R DL. Some Xbox360's will only read these discs.

Cheap discs or dirty or scratched discs will cause your laser to work overtime and wear out quicker.

You should write the discs at a slow speed to ensure that they are burnt correctly.


Other places you can get fast downloads from are:


legal position for downloading

For those who are a little unsure on the legal aspects:- In the UK you are allowed to have 1 backup of every original game you own. It is not Ilegal or you to download a backup copy of your original game for personal use. It is illegal to sell the games, so dont make more than one backup of every original game you have.