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Xbox 360 DVD Drive identifying

When having a DVD drive flashed it is sometimes helpful to be able to tell which drive unit you have in your Xbox 360 console. All large versions of Xbox360 can be flashed, you only need to check drive type if you want your Xbox360 drive replaced with the same make of drive unit.


If you havent got a HDMI port on your Xbox360 then you have either a Hitachi Drive or a Toshiba-Samsung Drive. Drive units can be 'spoofed' , so this is only strictly the case if the Xbox has not been flashed.


If you do have an HDMI port, eject the tray and look at the shape, this will let you know whether you have a philips or Hitachi Drive.


Philips BenQ and Philips Lite-On drive units have the same tray. So if you have a philips tray, look at the front of the drive unit.


A Philips Lite on drive has a yellow wire, a Philips BenQ drive has a white wire.



If you have an Xbox360 Slim:

Check this site for which drive firmware you have

SlimSerialXbox360 Slim flash

You will need to look at the "lot number" on the xbox360 slim and the serial number.

11XXX All 0225
104XX Mix of 9504 and 0225. Mostly 0225. High Probability that a 9504 is a mislabeled 0225
103XX Mix of 9504 and 0225 - mostly 9504 LT3.0 availlable now.
102XX All 9504 - LT 3.0 Firmware available now.
101XX All 9504 - LT 3.0 Firmware available now..
104X All 9504
- LT 3.0 Firmware available now.
Another method is by the serial number on the label. The 4th Digital on the end can also give an indication as to what the drive is (again not 100% but results have shown a very high probability.

2: 9504 - LT 3.0 Firmware available now.
3: 0225 - LT 3.0 Firmware available now.
4 or 0: 0500 Hitachi - LT 3.0 Firmware in development.

All slim models are not currently flashable. If your console was manufactured after August 2011, it may have a drive that is not yet flashable. Information on drive board and firmware development can be found here: Xbox360 development Scene

The Newer SLIM Xbox360's have a drive that is hard to flash. If your console was made before August 2011, it should be flashable, after that date, you will probably have a 1175 drive that requires a PCB change and a JTAG to extract the drive key from the main board.