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Xbox 360 jtagging for Bolton

If you live or work aroung Bolton, we can Jtag your Xbox360 at our North Manchester Electronic workshop. Adding JTAG to your Xbox~360 will allow you to run homebrew applications developed to run from the Xbox hard drive. This enables you to play multi~region games from D.V.D and Xbox~360 hard drive.

Not all 360's can have the Jtag added. The fall 2009 update stopped many boxes from being modified in this way.

If you check the kernel of your Xbox~360 by looking at the system settings you will be able to tell if your Xbox can have Jtag added to it:-

If you have a dashboard 2.0.8495.0 or higher, you cannot currently have JTAG on your console.

If you have a dashboard 2.0.7371.0 or lower, we can carry out Jtag install for you.

Xbox 360 Jtag Bolron

 The price to modifiy your Xbox~360 with JTAG is - £40

Xbox360 JTAG service including C&D in the U K - £55

We can collect - JTAG your Xbox and then deliver it back to you - anywhere in the U.K.


Jtagging an Xbox~360 allows you to run many homebrew applications. Games can be saved to external hard drive and played without the need for you to have an Xbox360 disc in your console.

Many failed JTAGGING attempts are caused by poor soldering and using the wrong type of wire. We use only the best Enamel Coated Copper wire to perform JTAG installation.

Xbox 360 Jtag Jtaggin Bolton

Jtag Collection and Delivery back service is available throughout Bolton and the North West of England.