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Nintendo-Wii modchip install & repair Services for Birmingham

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Nintendo Wii Ready-Chipped click here!


If you would like us to collect your Nintendo Wii, click on the Buy-Now button for our complete Collection and Delivery Back service. Price includes full supply and fitting of Nintendo Wii Modchip and delivery back to you. This service normally takes about 4-5 days.

Upgrade options including Collection & Delivery UK:


Nintendo Wii Wiikey-2 (soldered modchip) - Wiikey2 ~ £55 (LEH 264 and lower)

On the new black versions of Wii, extra components are needed to complete modchip installation.

Nintendo Wii Wiikey-2 (soldered modchip) - Wiikey2 ~ £65 (LEH 265 and higher)

Nintendo Wii Softmod - A softmod can Kill your Wii! - We recommend against the Softmod.

Nintendo Wii modchip installation can be carried out at our electronic workshop, quickly and easily. New D2C - D2D and D2E versions can be done easily at our workshop while-you-wait. The Wii modchip is connected to the DVD drive using high quality Copper wire. The wire is insulated with an enamel coating making it ideal for all Wii modchip installations.

Nintendo Wii Chipping Service



Which chip for you?

mod chip service wii

Wii modchip installation can be extremely delicate. The image to the left shows some of the connections, picture taken through a microsope.

Nintendo Wii modchip installation normally takes about 30 mins, so in most cases you can have the modchip installed while~you~wait.


We have a good supply of the Wiikey2 modchip.


Wii Softmod - We advise you not install any softmod software on your Wii. This can easily 'BRICK' your Nintendo Wii when the console updates. Once 'bricked' by Softmod, the Wii cannot be repaired.

Delete any and all hombrew applications and softmod files before attempting to update your Nintendo Wii.



Nintendo-Wii repairs:

We can fix many faults on the Nintendo-Wii. A common fault on Wii is laser failure. We can replace faulty Nintendo Wii lasers for - £50.

Nintendo-Wii laser replacement inc Collection and Delivery UK - £65

What is 'modding'?

wii modchip Birmingham

Nintendo-Wii Modchip installation involves soldering a modchip to the Wii DVD drive. This bypasses the routines that prevent you from playing your backup games.


Nintendo-Wii Modchipping is carried out with only the best enamel coated copper wire and fitted by our team of experienced electronic engineers.

Playbackups Nintendo-Wii Mod-chip service is fully guaranteed. It is not illegal to buy or download backup copies of your original games.

We can give free advice on downloading Nintendo Wii backup games.

Shipping costs & the legal position

If you are sending your Nintendo-Wii console, we do not need any of the leads or controllers, add £7.50 return postage. Include your email address with the Nintendo Wii and we will email invoice you and post the console straight back to you.

For those who would like to know the legal aspects - In the U.K. you are allowed to have One backup copy of every original game you have. To play this backup you require the installation of a Modchip. We provide Modchip installation services for this purpose.

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