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Nintendo Wii Chipping and repair Service

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Click the Buy Now option for our complete Collection and Delivery Back service. Prices include full supply and fitting of Modchip in your console then delivery back to you. Service normally takes 4-5 days.

Upgrade options including Collection & Delivery UK:


Nintendo Wii Wiikey 2 soldered Modchip - Wiikey2 - £55 (LEH264 or lower)

New Wii circuit boards have surfaced that do not have the points on that all current modchips use. We can modchip these new units but they take more time and extra circuit board components.

Nintendo Wii Wiikey 2 soldered Modchip - Wiikey2 - £65 (LEH 265 and higher)

Nintendo Wii Softmod - A softmod can Kill your Wii! - We do not recommend having this done.

Chipping Nintendo Wii New D2C, D2D and D2E chipsets can be chipped easily at our workshop while you wait, below is a picture of the Yaosm 3.2 modchip installation carried out at our Manchester workshop. The modchip is connected to the Nintendo Wii drive unit using only the best quality enamel coated Copper wire.

Nintendo Wii Chipping Service modchip repair manchester repairs





Don't be tempted to attack the D2B Ic on the older Wii's, we can attach directly to the legs that have been cut. To the left is an image of the completed install. Just below the finger you can see the wires attached to the three cut legs.

Shame on chip manufacturers that are instructing their customers that their chips can easily be installed on the Three Legs Cut (TLC) version of Wii. It is absolutely irresponsible to suggest that this modification can be done by novices. Wiikey and any other chip producers should think less about their profit and more about their customers who are damaging the Wii's in droves.

We can repair these units, but stop with the dremel, before you go too far!

An Integrated Circuit can be written off with these heavy handed methods of soldering.

We never damage a unit to modify it! It is just isn't necessary!


New for December 2008 - New D2E chipset consoles with Epoxy resin surrounding drive chips are appearing in stores for Christmas. We can remove the epoxy resin and modify these consoles while you wait. The epoxy resin can be removed without the need to use a 'heat gun'. Heat gun removal is not recommended due to the fact that components can be heated and damaged by the 'heat gun method'.

Which chip for you?

If you have a serial number LEH135 or above, your unit is a D2C chipset. This requires a more complex modification. The best chip currently for theD2C is the Wiikey2. We have been installing this chip since 2008 and it has proved itself reliable and without problems. Newer chips coming on the market with less wires have encountered a series of problems.

nintendo wii mod chip repairs service wii

This is a delicate install. The image to the left shows the connections taken through a microsope of some of the connections required.

This installation takes about 30 mins, so you can have the modchip installed while you wait..


We now have stock of the Wiikey2. The current price for this modification is £60.

Newer Wii consoles LEH200 to LEH249are D2E chipset. The best chip for these new consoles is the Wiikey2. The current price for this modification is £60.

For older versions of the Nintendo Wii (LEH 134 or lower) - the supply and fitting the latest Yaosm 12f629 modchip is £45 - Compatible with Mario Kart copy protection.


Wii Softmod - Do not install softmods on your Nintendo Wii. there are many problems relating to updating the console. Delete all hombrew and softmod files before updating your console.


We can supply and fit other chips such as the Wiikey and Cyclowiz but do not recommend these as they can easily be wiped by the new Nintendo in game flashing routines. Yaosm utilizes static encoding and cannot be erased in this way.

If you have ordered a Wiikey, Cyclowiz, Wiinja chip etc. and found out that it doesn't work after you installed it, we can install it for you and repair any damage to the board that you might have done. The Nintendo Wii is very well made and there is not much we cant fix on the board. We advise strongly against any grinding down of the Integrated Circuits in an attempt to attach wires to the cut legs. This can be accomplished with simple good soldering techniques.


Nintendo Wii repair services:

We can repair most faults on the Nintendo Wii. The most common fault on Wii is laser replacement. We can replace defective lasers on Wii for £50.

Nintendo Wii laser replacement including Collection & Delivery UK - £65


We can repair damaged mechanisms and many physical faults relating to the Wii console. All repairs to Nintendo Wii consoles are fully guaranteed.

We have been repairing Nintendo Wii consoles since they were very first released. Our experienced engineers have many years of repairing game consoles. Please feel free to contact us with your fault for a quote on repair of the Nintendo Wii. If we dont fix your Wii, we do not charge you. All repairs on Nintendo Wii are fully guaranteed.

What exactly is 'modding'?

Our Nintendo Wii Modchipping service is the best in the country.

Nintedno Wii modchip repairs manchester north west uk

Nintendo Wii Modchipping involves soldering a modchip to the DVD drive of your Wii to bypass the copy protection routines that prevent you from playing your perfectly legal backed up games.

Nintendo Wii Modchipping is carried out with only the best enamel coated copper wire, and fitted by our highly experienced modchip engineers.

Playbackups Nintendo Wii Modchipping service is fully guaranteed and our engineers are happy to give advice on backing up your expensive Nintendo Wii original games. It is not illegal to buy copy (backup) games for your Nintendo Wii.

We can also give advice on downloading ready patched versions of your extremely expensive Nintendo Wii original games.

Shipping costs and the legal standpoint

Playbackups offers Nintendo Wii Modchipping service by post throughout the UK. If your worried about sending your whole console and are confident enough to remove the Wii's Dvd drive, you can post that to us and we will Install the modchip and send it back by return of post. Just add £9.00 for the return postage.

If you're sending the Wii console, do not send any of the accessories, add £9.00 postage. Include your email address with the Nintendo Wii and we will email invoice you and post the console straight back to you.

For those who are a little unsure on the legal aspects - In the UK you are allowed to have 1 backup of every original game you own. To play this perfectly legal backup you require the installation of a Modchip, or Modified Firmware. We provide Modchip services for this purpose. On certain consoles the game region restriction is also defeated. This allows you to play legally purchased foreign games from different regions.

If you are worried that your ISP will block your internet for downloading backup games or films read here.

Ninendo Wii Laser Repair and modchip services avilable in New Moston Manchester, We are the number one Wii modchip and repair specialists in Oldham and Manchester. On the border of Oldham and Manchester, we are the leading modchip specialists to allow your Nintendo Wii to playbackup games downloaded from the internet. Nintendo Wii repair services carried out by the Playbackups team are professional and guaranteed. Modchip and repairs carried out to Nintendo Wii consoles at our Chadderton workshop in Oldham Greater Manchester.