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PS3 jailbreak news

PS3Sony claims that customers do not own their PS3's!

Sony PS3 Jailbreak and Modchip news:


We uncover John Hillier UKIE as villain behind attempt to pervert the course of justice in the High Court between vs Sony. He has the bold face front to go on national television describing the PS3 Jailbreak as "Illegal". His activities are distinctly "Illegal", providing false information to Greater Manchester Police in order to PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE. This guy makes complaint about the Jailbreak and then gets GMP to conduct a raid where they hand all the seized evidence to him!!! He then examines all of the defence documentation in the High Court Case in an effort find anything that will help SONY. John Hillier advises Trading Standards all over the country and gives a false representation of the law because he is paid by Copyright holders Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to do so. He calls any product that manfacturers out there do no want on shop shelves 'illegal', long before the issues have been decided in a court of law.

The recent scandal where Peter Cruddas promised access to the Prime Minister in return for cash, shows how powerful the game industry is becoming in Britain. They have been providing cash in return for policies that help large corporations rake in the cash, whilst small retailers suffer.

List of Sony's meetings with MP's that we know about!

The game industry in Britain is massive and earns Billions in profit for the large corporations. They pay people like John Hiller to run around claiming that developers are suffering due to 'piracy' whilst they know it is not developers that are suffering, just the balance sheets of these huge multi-billion dollar companies who want to create a monopoly where they control the market and only they can develop games. Games sales according to UKIE accounted for £1.42 Billion in 2011. This money does not go to fund game development but line the pockets of these hugely rich companies. Sony for one does not treat its artists very honestly. By attempting remove the Jailbreak from the UK market they are removing LINUX and stopping free development on the PS3 platform.

Mr John Sandiford Mitchell who likes to provide false Affadavit's to the High Court in London on behalf of UKIE Limited (formerly known as ELSPA):

John-Sandiford-MitchellJohnSandiforMitchellVan Van used by UKIE "investigator"

Mr John Sandiford Mitchell (private investigator) W.H.Davies & Co falsely claims he carried out test purchase in Sony vs Playbackups case.

4th June 2012 - Sony shares tumble to 32 year record low

16th April 2012 - Sony centre in Trafford centre boarded up. A stark contrast to 1 year ago:

SonyTraffordCentre2012Trafford Centre Sit in protest

The Sony store in Manchester Arndale which was closed due to Anonymous protest last year was also gone.

14th April 2012 - Bombshells at Sony as massive cuts revealed - about time!

12th April 2012 - Sony to axe 10,000 jobs in the face of massive losses

10th April 2012 - Sony announces WORST EVER FULL YEAR LOSSES

7th April 2012 - Sony kills off the used game market - PS3 discs will be worthless

Sony does not want you playing your old games or backups of them - why? They can sell them to you again on PSN.

30th March 2012 - Sony's Ps4 could spell disaster for Sony and playing used games

28th March 2012 - Sony takes down games in attempt to stop homebrew on VITA.

24th March 2012- Sony Playstation3 has 5th birthday - but it is not what was advertised back then. Backward compatability has been removed, memory card ports, not to mention the OTHEROS feature that turned the PS3 into a fully functional computer.

21st March 2012 - Game - the company that contacted Sony over fault reports - goes into Administration

12th March 2012 - Sony offers $8 million settlement over artist royalties rip off

4th March 2012 - Sony hacked again - archive of 50k Michael Jackson songs may be released

25th February 2012 - Russian inventors sue Sony for breach of Patent with Vita

17th February 2012 - Sony Failures continue - Sony denies vita developers are jumping ship

3rd February 2012 - Anonymous hacks call between FBI and Scotland Yard call made on the 17th January discusses Scotland Yard's involvement with FBI and willingness to interfere with Courts in the UK to assist the FBI in their investigation into Anonymous. A mountain of data (soon to be made public) uncovers link with FBI and raid by UKIE on the 28th July 2011.

2nd February 2012 - Sony's CEO Howard Stringer steps down as $2-9 billion loss plunges Sony into crisis

1st February 2012 - Czech Euro MP's oppose internet censorship law - ACTA

30th January 2012 - Sony closes stores throughout the UK including their infamous Trafford Centre and Arndale stores in Manchester which were featured in the Anonymous world wide protest. The closure of stores on such a wide scale reflects on the failing fortunes on Sony.

6th January 2012 - Sony hacked AGAIN by Anonymous for their support for censorship law SOPA

30th December 2011 - Anonymous Hack Group Issues "Death Warrant" to Sony

29th December 2011 - Forbes say - Sony in big trouble with ps vita

29th December 2011 - Sonys ps vita struggling to sell - Sony playstation vita sales plummet

21st December 2011 - Sony set to sue developer of the Playstation VITA Jailbreak:-


Playbackups allocates their top Legal Expert to defend Mr Strawman:-


20th December 2011 - Sony's Playstation VITA complaints rise as manufacture defects come to light

20th December 2011 - BBC - Sony apologises after Playstation Vita complaints

20th December 2011 - Sony sued over new ps3 Terms Of Service

19th December 2011 - Playstation vita semi hack shown on video - Sony in big trouble?

13th December 2011 - ps3 Other OS class action dismissed

21st November 2011 - Sony using consumers dollars to take away internet rights

7th November 2011 -The Disaster that is Sony

31st October 2011 - Sony expected show yet another quarterly loss

Sony Flood

29th October 2011 - Thailand Floods worse than earthquake in Japan for Sony

25th October 2011 - Sony factory declared non-recoverable in Thailand

24th October 2011 - Thai floods drown Sony factories

12th October 2011 - Sony Ericsson advert banned for standby time Deception

12th October 2011 - Sony freezes 93000 online PSN accounts after new Brute force Anonymous attack and lies about when the attack occurred (see 20th September).

12th October 2011 - Sony recalls 1.6 million Bravia TV sets because of FIRE RISK Could this be the real reason that Sony's Enfield distribution centre went up in flames?

30th September 2011 - KDDI Sony will recall two million FIRE RISK mobile phone batteries

27th September 2011 - 15 Sony centres go into administration in UK blaming 'a general slow down'

20th September 2011 - Sony Europe & USA PSN hacked yet again, 'Sony blame Network Glitch'

Sony USA HackedSony Europe Hacked

Sony attempt to hush the latest series of hacks against its network in an attempt to win back some of the many consumers who switched to the more reliable Microsoft network. The biggest hack in history was described as a 'Network Glitch' by Sony back in March 2011.

17th September 2011 - Sony's Hidden terms say "customers must not file class action lawsuits"

They attempt to force customers into "Binding Arbitration" with an Arbitrator of their choice. Of course they would choose an Arbitrator who was independent? Not in the Playbackups case, their Independent mediator listed Sony as one of her most recent clients. Sony's idea of an Independent mediator - Denise Mcfarland.

6th September 2011 - Battered Sony hires new security chief

12th August 2011 - Sony and LG resolve infringement issues - cross license agreement suggests Sony used LG technology in the design of the PS3.

9th August 2011 - London Riots - Sony Distribution Centre burnt to the ground in Enfield London

Sony Fire Enfield

5th August 2011 - Sony wins epic fail "pwnie" award for multiple losses of customers information

3rd August 2011 - Sony loses $74 Billion in value since 2000

28th July 2011 - UKIE and GMP raid offices of wrong company (again) under warrant for "Community Trade Mark Infringement", deceiving the court as to their real reason for raiding the premises. UKIE attempt to pervert the course of justice in the High Court whilst GMP attempt to fish for links to hacker group 'ANONYMOUS'.

InspectorHadfield Inspector Christopher Hadfield - conducting fishing exercise that Peter Fahy (Chief Constable of GMP) says, in his blog, do not go on.

Detective Hadfield was accompanied by retired DS John Ingham (west merica police) who claims he is a "regional investigator for UKIE" but actually runs "ARGUS INVESTIGATIONS":


Property seized in the raid was then given to UKIE including defence documents in the Sony vs Playbackups High Court civil case.

Nicola Bray Manchester City council Nicola Bray (Manchester Council) who applied for warrant based on complaint from UKIE.

The operation lead by Inspector Christopher Hadfield of Plant Hill Police Station Blackley in Manchester in conjuntion with UKIE on an Illegal fishing exercise on behalf of Sony, fishing for evidence to help them in the Jailbreak case. Clear attempts are made to back up lies that Sony's solicitors have presented to the High Court.

UKIE are then given 6 months to examine court documents and computer equipment. Greater Manchester Police fail to mention they had given property to UKIE to help Sony and eventually drop all charges against on the 22nd Decemeber 2011, after Sony's application for summary judgement is heard in the High Court in London. Perverting the course of Justice in the High Court it would seem is standard procedure for UKIE and GMP.

Mr 'Test Purchase' himself, John Hillier of UKIE who is quite prepared to deceive the High Court to help his friends out at Sony UK/Europe, he quite wrongly describes the PS3 Jailbreak as 'Illegal':

John Hillier UKIE

22nd July 2011 - Sony legal woes are mounting, Insurance companies won't pay

7th July 2011 - Sony woes "curse of Davinci code" or maybe they are just badly managed.

5th July 2011 - PSN back up Globally after 11 Week Outage - Sony Ireland Hacked

Sony-Ireland-Hacked Sony ionsaí Linux, ionsaí gan ainm orthu ar ais!

1st July 2011 - Sony Samsung and bosch sued for patent infringement

29th June 2011- Sony CEO Howard Stringer equates LINUX to Piracy!

21st June 2011 - Sony pictures France hacked 177,000 emails stolen

Sony-France-Hacked Sony attaque Linux, attaque anonyme les sauvegarder!

20th June 2011 - Sony continues suing people who help others modify their PS3's

9th June 2011 - Microsoft "our first-party titles outsell Sonys" - Sony Portugal hacked

Sony-Portugal-Hacked Sony ataque Linux, ataque anônimo de volta!

6th June 2011 - Sony Russia gets hacked

Sony-Russia-Hacked Sony атаки Linux, анонимные атаки их обратно!

25th May 2011 - Sony Canada hacked

Sony attaque Linux, attaque anonyme les sauvegarder!

24th May 2011 - Sony Indonesia hacked (twice)

IndonesiaFlag Sony menyerang Linux, serangan anonim mereka kembali!

23rd May 2011 - Sony Japan & Thailand hacked - Sony Greece hacked

Japanflag ソニー攻撃のLinuxとに分割さ

Thaiflag SONY โจมตีลินุกซ์และได้รับการแบ่งออกเป็น

Greeceflag Sony επίθεση Linux, ανώνυμη επίθεση πίσω

One hacking group called "Lulz Security" or "Lutzsec" receives donations to continue the war with Sony - Lulzsec takes donations to continue cyber attack

23rd May 2011 - Sony shocks market with £2billion loss!

It is no wonder if they are prepared to spend £650,000 suing to stop our reports!


5th May 2011 - OtherOS restored to PS3 via jailbreak - OtherOs returns to PS3

Sony-Networks-Lacked-Firewall-Ran-Obsolete-Software-Testimony - Sony should be ashamed, again.

3rd May - Sony Loses another 25 million customer records:!

Picture below of Sony's apology to its 77million customers who's data Sony could not keep secure:

Sony apologise

Sony executives Shiro Kambe (left), Kazuo Hirai (centre) and Shinji Hasejima bow to apologise for the massive theft of personal data over the weekend.

30th April 2011 - Sony Faces 2nd Class action for PSN security lapse

It turns out that Sony sacked security staff prior big breach, just two weeks before. Whilst Sony maintain that customers credit card details are encrypted, these ex-employees might very well be in a position to decrypt that information.

28th April 2011 - Estimated costs to Sony for PSN shut down Sony $24 Billion dollars!. "KA CHING".

Sony faces lawsuits from unhappy customers: Sony-Faces-Lawsuits-Over-Costly-PSN-Data-Breach

21st April 2011 - Finnish Consumer Complaints Board recommends that Sony & Retailer should pay 100 Euros to Finnish man for OtherOS removal: Finnish CCB Sony should pay 100 Euros to customers

20th April 2011 - Sony shuts down its PSN (Playstation Network), A week later Sony announces that it has been hacked and it has potentially failed to secure 77million records of its customers personal and credit card data.

16th April 2011: Sony stores in Traffrord Centre Manchester and Arndale Centre Manchester CLOSED.

Trafford Centre Sit in protest

Many other stores all over the UK were closed and and some guarded by armed police. Reports from all over Europe of stores being closed despite no major demonstration being reported. Sony panicked and shut their shops losing them lots of money and lost sales. Staff were seen in the Trafford Centre in Manchester hiding behind closed shutters, on full pay for the day despite no sales whatsoever being made on the day.

A peaceful protest did proceed at the Manchester Trafford centre in full view of the police, Sony staff and on looking crowds:

14th April 2011 'ANONYMOUS' announce a change of tactic and promise Sony the largest protest ever against the companies deceptive policies. The date for the start of 'OPERATION SONY' is the 16th April 2011 when all stores throughout the world will be subject to a mass sit-in and boycott of Sony products.

12th April 2011 group called 'ANONYMOUS' announces campaign against Sony's policy of removing features from the Playstation3 and using the civil courts to persue any person developing or selling any product to restore LINUX on the Playstation. Initial on line efforts to change Sony policies by closing down Sony's PSN network only succeeds in annoying Playstation Network users.

12th April 2011 Sony's lawyers approach Playbackups with a 'mediation' proposition. The mediator they put forward is based at chambers in London ( : Denise Mcfarland or if they decide to change the file name again: Sony's idea of an independent mediator Denise McFarland PDF who clearly lists Sony as one of her most recent clients. Sony's solicitors withdraw the offer of mediation when Playbackups requests an independent mediator who has not worked for Sony.

12th April 2011 - George Hotz case in America dropped. Sony drops case in an agreement with George that he does not develop all further attempts to unlock the PS3. He is not allowed to discuss the agreement so we have yet to see how this effects his position as expert witness in the Sony vs Playbackups case. George vows to continue the fight against Sony by supporting the Class Action Lawsuits in the United States. Geohot reportedly now works for Facebook

April 2011 - Sony lists its costs to date in Sony vs as £65,000, they estimate total costs in the case at £650,000. Ka-Ching! Sony shareholders should take note of how their money is being wasted.

March 2011 - George 'Geohot' Hotz famous Iphone software developer and Jailbreak expert agrees to appear as an expert witness for in the Sony vs Playbackups case. Andrew 'Bunnie' Huang offers his help in the case and endorses George Hotz position as the leading expert.

Life is Good Geohot

Customs seize all PS3 console's being shipped into europe as part of the ongoing battle with LG.

February 2011 - Playbackups files its defence to Sony's allegations of 'infringement'.

January 2011 - George Hotz, creator of the Iphone jailbreak, issued with Temporary Restraining Order by Sony for alleged 'infringement' on the PS3 system. LG sues Sony for Patent infringement of their technology used in the PS3.

28th December 2010 - Sony overturns Spanish ruling, but does not publish the information! Deceptive practice makes customers and retailers believe that the Jailbreak is perfectly legal in Spain.

16th December 2010 - ps3 Jailbeak ruled legal in Spain

11th November 2010 - Sony's thugs deliver High Court paperwork to the wrong person:

In a statement to the High Court, one of the thugs stated "After a short while the door was opened by ***** ***** and I walked inside. I handed the sealed parcel to ***** ***** , which he threw to the floor." The video evidence clearly contradicts Sony's hired thugs version of events.

22nd October 2010- Sony's solicitors start proceedings agianst Playbackups for stocking the PS3key. Sony's solicitors (Freshfields Bruckaus Deringer) have no problem lying to the High Court to gain a Temporary Court Injunction. They state that they purchased a PS3key from me on a specific date and then name another individual and company as the seller in later paperwork. A receipt provided by their investigator reveals that he purchased a perfectly legal AVRKey.

21st October 2010 - Sony chief executive gets a copy of Playbackups Independent Fault Report and writes a letter to Game. Sony letter to Game Page 1 : Sony letter to Game Page 2

Sony are abusing the court system and attempting to deceive the High Court in relation to their motives for bringing the case against Their intention is to stop the Independent Fault Reports that we write for customers detailing the manufacture defects on the Playstation3 system..

13th May 2010 - US Air Force Research Hit By OtherOs removal

Sony removed OtherOS as a cost cutting measure - USAF cost them big money

Update on Gamestation liability for OtherOs removal

Groklaw article on OtherOS class action law suit

1st April 2010 - Sony zaps playstation3 install OtherOS

Followed very quickly by class actions in the US:

1st Class Action Sony PS3 PDF

2nd Class Action Sony PS3 PDF

3rd Class Action Sony PS3 PDF

4th Class Action Sony PS3 PDF

5th Class Action Sony PS3 PDF

6th Class Action Sony PS3 PDF


Playbackups Response to 'Particulars of claim'

Sony are in fact the big 'infringers' and think nothing of infringing other companies Patents and Copyright:

Sony pays 18-5-Million for Patent-Infringement


They are also breaching European law by acting as a 'Cartel' in contravention of Article 101 and 102 of the European treaty. By getting rid of Linux on the Ps3 they are attempting to limit software design for the console to just Sony's authorized companies. The have been fined for similar activity in the past:

Sony Fuji Maxell fined for price fixing Cartel

Sony is currently being sued by electronics giant LG for patent infringement by Sony of its technology in the PS3. LG sue Sony for breach of its Patents in the Playstation3

Sony has a habit of deceiving its customers:

Wikipedia Sony_BMG_copy_protection_rootkit_scandal Texas Attorney General Greg  Abbott stated, "We keep discovering additional methods Sony used to deceive Texas consumers who thought they were simply buying music", and "Thousands of Texans are now potential victims of this deceptive game Sony played with consumers for its own purposes."

Sony fined for fake reviews

Will Sonys deceit and bribes finally end?

Apple and Sony charged with deceit

Mr Modchips 2008 ruling RTF



George Hotz Initial Defence PDF

George Hotz Motion to Dismiss PDF

Spanish Court Ruling Jailbreak is LEGAL RTF

March 2011 Revised Class Action Complaint in USA for removal of 'Other OS' feature on PS3 (98 Pages)

We would like to hear from any other companies that have had Sony's solicitors issuing injunction proceedings against them. We fully expect Sony to lose their case as the PS3 Jailbreak contains no Sony code. The legal uses for the dongle are to run LINUX and other HOMEBREW applications. Something that Sony removed from the Playstation3 despite it being advertised as a feature of the console. Many customers specifically bought the console with that capability in mind. The Jailbreak dongle also solves some of the manufacture defects on the PS3 system, like fragmentation of the hard drive. It can also help with the common problem of PS3 Blue Ray laser failure. By loading games onto hard drive, the laser will last much longer. The console itself should last a lot longer than Sony's 12 month warranty:

Playstation-3 Durability Courts ruling in New Zealand


Norways consumer council files complaint against Sony's PS3 'downgrades'

More information on Sony's dishonesty



"The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly."

L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology cult founder), 1955