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PSP firmware flash & repairs


Memory card is required for loading homebrew on to 3000 model slim version

NEW for Spring 2010 is the 'SPEEDY' fast loading Homebrew is available for PSP slims. If your firmware is 5.03 or lower, we can load the new superfast homebrew on your PSP. This will enable you to download and play your perfectly legal backup copies of your original games from memory card.

Parcel you PSP ready for collection and we will email you a label to put on the parcel for the courier who will collect your PSP usually on the next working day.

PSP Flash including Collection & Delivery UK - £35


SONY PSP 3000 FLASH - £20 - We can flash you new PSP 3000 to play backup games from memory card. The current hack for the PSP 3000 requires a memory card. Check with us which firmware version you are currently running, if your firmware is higher than 5.03 check with us for availability of software on your version..

SONY PSP FIRMWARE FLASH - £20 - PSP firmware can be flashed to 5.50 GenD special firmware to allow you to play games from memory card.

Units that have been incorrectly flashed and bricked can now be repaired and upgraded - £20

The old firmware is replace by 5.50 GenD special edition firmware (phat psp's) which will play all your backup games and originals.

New Slim PSP's can be reflashed with GenD special firmware which will allow your backup ISO to play directly from the memory card. All versions can be flashed.

As the firmware upgrade will allow you to play backup games from your memory card, no modchip is required.

Changing the firmware to 5.50 GenD special edition eliminates the need for a soldered modification and will play all backups and originals.

Simply drop the ISO file of the game you wish to play into the ISO directory of the memory card. Go to the game section in your PSP and the game will show an icon in the menu. Click on the icon and the game will run. It's that simple. All your originals will also run as you are running the very latest 5.50m33 special firmware.

SONY PSP FIRMWARE FLASHING - Our price for this modification is £20

This modification can be performed on all PSP's. Even the troublesome TA-082 version. The PSP will take any size of memory card, current largest is the 8 gigabyte card which will hold a few games dependent on their size.

All versions of Phat PSP can be firmware upgraded. Newer models require software run from memory card. Slim versions of the PSP running firmware higher than 5.03 cannot currently be flashed to run backup games.

shipping costs and the legal standpoint

Playbackups is based in North Manchester and is dedicated to the modification of games console. All modchip installations are carried out with the latest and best modchip available for that console at the time.

Postage service is available throughout the UK with 24hour turnaround. Post the PSP to us using a signed for postal service and we will flash the PSP and post it straight back to you. Just add £5 to the PSP flash price for this return service. Include your email address with the PSP if you would like us to email invoice you.

For those who are a little unsure on the legal aspects:- In the UK you are allowed to have 1 backup of every original game you own. To play this perfectly legal backup you require the installation of a Modchip, or Modified Firmware. We provide Modchip services for this purpose. On certain consoles the game region restriction is also defeated. This allows you to play legally purchased foreign games from different regions.

If you are worried that your ISP will block your internet for downloading backup games or films read here