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PS3 blu ray laser repair Service


Console Collection & Delivery back anywhere in the UK - £75

laser replacement repair service including collection & delivery UK - £75

You PACK and WRAP the console, we COLLECT. REPAIR and DELIVER it back to you.

If you are using our collection and delivery services, package your PS3 up and we will send a courier to pick it up usually on the next working day. Do not send any accessories with the PS3. We will replace the laser with a new one and send the console back to you, the whole process from collection to delivery back should take about 4 days..


If you Playstation 3 has stopped reading discs, the blue ray emitter on the laser has failed. This is a very common problem. If the laser itself cannot read, it will not spin the disc in the PS3 console. The motors to spin the discs are very reliable, so dont assume this is a problem.

We replace the faulty lasers with lasers fitted with brand new blu ray laser emitters. These emitters are manufactured to the highest quality and are not from Sony's faulty batch.

All repairs are guaranteed at our electronic workshop.




Playstation3 Yellow light of death (YLOD) repair £50 + £15c&d UK  

YLOD Repair including Collection & Delivery UK - £65


If you have attempted any repair to the PS3 or have had someone else attempt to repair it by heating the main board, do not use this service. Heat causes the main board to warp, the more times this is done the more damaged the board becomes.

The Only way to properly repair this problem is to use an Infra Red BGA reflow of the solder.


By re flowing the solder, we are not curing the problems of the PS3. The unit is still operating at much too high a temperature and it still has lead free solder on the GPU.

We recommend this repair to anyone wishing to retreive the data from the dead PS3 and recover any discs from the console. The unit can then be traded in for a new Slimline PS3 that is designed to operate at a lower temperature.

We guarantee all repairs for 30 days, and we will re apply the repair anytime within the thirty days, but it is your responsibility to cover any courier costs.


shipping costs and the legal standpoint

Playbackups is dedicated to the modification and repair of games consoles. All modchip installations are carried out with the latest and best modchip available for that console at the time.

Console collection and delivery back is available throughout the UK. The price to collect and deliver back your console after repair/upgrade is £15.

PS3 Repair services in Newcastle