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digital telephone tap kit

If you want to record telephone calls from a UK landline, a digital telephone tap kit is the ideal way.

You can plug the the telephone tap kit into any extension in the house and any calls from any extension will be recorded. The digital recorder will wait until any phone is lifted, then start recording both sides of the conversation.

Our telephone tap kit has built in smd components that allow you to record phone calls, either as they are happening or you can leave the recorder to wait until the phone is lifted and it will record the conversation then stop when the phone call is finished.


The recorder can be left plugged in and will only start recording when the phone line is lifted.


This telephone tap kit is suitable for any standard UK phone line. If you have Broadband on the same line, you may need to use a Broadband filter to eliminate noise from the internet being transmitted over the same phone line.


The operation of our telephone tap kit is very simple and you can record phone calls covertly by plugging into any extension or master socket of standard UK landlines.

Telephone Tap Lead with P&P UK - £59.99