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r4 digital recording card camera

The r4 (recorder 4 gigabyte) is the ideal way to covertly record a meeting or keep a video record of an event. The r4 can be used for covert surveillance or as a normal cctv camera recorder. The r4 connects to any pc (not PS3 after April 2010 update) using a standard USB port.

The r4 card is a full colour CCTV camera with Time and Date stamp - important if you wish to use the footage in a court case - with an amazing 4 gigabytes of storage space.

The battery will last 12 hours in standby mode and the 4 gigabytes of internal memory will allow 2 hours of full colour video and audio recording.

The card camera can easily be disguised to blend into different surroundings, ID card types, pass keys etc...

R4 Card Camera CCTV

The Time and Date stamp is set easily by making a text document called TIME.TXT and entering the time and date in this format: 2012/03/29 12:00:00. Store the text file in the ROOT directory of the r4 Card Camera and it will set the time to the time/date entered into the text file the next time the camera is turned on.



Works as a fully functional Network Camera

Widely used AVI format

Supports 740 x 480 at 30 frames per second

Low light compensation

USB 1.1

Memory expandable up to 16 gigabytes

Built in Lithium battery powers R4 for 120 minutes continuous recording - 12 hours motion detection

Can take pictures as well as CCTV footage

Continuous video or motion detection


r4 Card Camera with P&P UK - £54.99
Digital Telephone Tap Kit