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Please read the testimonials from our happy modchip and repair customers!

If you would like to add a testimonal after having your console modified send us the text you would like posted. If you would like to add a photo of your modded console in hand, just send us the pic!

From a Leeds Football fan

"Had the kids wii chipped today so it will play backed up games. After trolling through the net i came across a lad from just over the boarder. A quick phone call and a 45min trip had me at his door console in hand. The bloke was spot on 20mins later all was done. I'd thought of doing it my self and how right i was to get it done professionally. He explained everything on what to do, what not, why and why he used each type of chip (apparently other chips will be flashed by newer disks rendering them useless, something this one won't fall foul to). He had numerous consoles dotted about the place for people that had sent them to him who weren't in travelling distance and best off all the uk law means its all perfectly legit. If you are thinking of doing it, then its well worth getting it done correctly and cheaply too."

From Jacob

"What a service! there is no comparison to any other modding service I have ever used. I brought my console to be modded, the chip was installed whilst I waited, and within 20 minutes I was out the door a very pleased customer."

From Paul P, Aberdeen

"Just got my newly chipped PS2 back after only a 3 day turnaround from Aberdeen to Manchester and back to Aberdeen, excellent service, price, easy payment and perfect shipping!"

From Barny

"Saw the ad on the web, thought it sounded like a safe job plus was only 15 mins away. Got there and 25 mins later the Wii was chipped. Great service and advice given."

From Jay, Rotheram

"Found steves number weds night, called him thursday morning, arranged a longer break off work and drove up where he fitted the chip straight away. infact a friend of mine tried to chip the wii and shorted it out, steve picked up on this straight away, more then helpful and plenty of advice given, nice chap, definitely use him again, recommended to anyone."

From Mark

"Hi Steve,

First, let me thank you for chipping the WII for me, all the games I have tested work fine, including Super Mario Galaxy!!!

Here is the review I would like you to post on your website:

I came across this website and arranged to have my WII done. Once I was there, it took him about 20 minutes and the job was done. Best of all, no dremelling like other modchip installers tell you to do with the cut legs on the IC.

Soldering was expertly done, he certainly knows his stuff!

Tested a few games including the troublesome SMG and they all worked flawlessly.

If you are thinking about getting your WII done, don't go anywhere else!!.

I will be sending anyone I know to have them done by Steve. Down to earth bloke as well!!

10/10. Highly recommended.


From Mike

"I have had a number of consoles adapted over the years to enable me to play my backups and Steve is far & away the most professional, accomplished and knowledgeable person that I've come across for all the consoles he adapts (PS2, Xbox, Wii & PSP). Indeed, I had already flashed my PSP so I can use my memory card but he was happy to impart some of his knowledge for free to ensure my PSP firmware was up-to-date !

Arranging to have the work done on my Wii was very straightforward, Steve was very accommodating (despite it being a Saturday) and aware of the distance I was travelling (nearly 300 miles), especially as we were combining it with a visit to see family & friends, so our timetable was rather fluid. However, nothing phased Steve and he was happy to let me sit and watch him work on my console, as my wife dropped me off and went shopping for an hour whilst the work was completed.

As well as using Steve's test discs, I had brought my own backups with me and he was happy to try them out to my satisfaction (again this is very different to some other experiences I have had in the past when the modifier got very nervous of this type of request [presumably because they were unsure of the quality of my discs]).

All in all, therefore, Steve provides an excellent, quality service and is not just after taking your cash and getting you out the door. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to have their console modified and will be certainly promoting his services to all my friends. Best of all, he can turn very technical details into straightforward English, so if you are not technically minded, don't be put off as Steve will be able to make it all very easy to understand !


from mossyman

Had my wii chipped in the summer along with a mate
We are both enjoying hours of fun with no issues
It almost plays beer mats!
Had great service from steve and he did my psp as well
Keep it up steve passing your site onto others
Cheers Mossymam

from rob

Great service, I was a bit weary of sending my ps2 all the way to manchester from east sussex and getting it back again..
But I did... In 2 days,  and my ps2's chipped and plays retro games like mario now and back-ups!
I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!

Cheers Steve.

Rob B.

from ed

I recently used Steve's services to get a Wii modchipped. I dropped the Wii off with Steve and within an hour he had completed the work. I now have a Wii that is fully capable of playing backups. A very efficient service. Steve has also chipped a PS2 for me and again the service was completed very quickly. A great service and would recommend to all.

Ed Taylor

August 2009

from Claire

Hi would just like to say, thanks, all good, have snes and sega emulators running all good, my 8 yr is chuffed as alot of his games were scratched and now plays his copied games :) Quick service

Claire C

October 2009


PS3 out of warranty replacement, PS3 suffered Yellow light of death 18 months after purchase:

Just a quick reply to let you know how i went on at Argos.
After getting the report from you yesterday I phoned Argos customer services who told me to take it back to the shop where it was bought and speak to the manager.
Once i explained the problem to him and gave him the refernce number provided by Argos customer services he just said "ok no problem, we can swap it for a new one if thats ok"
So i left there with a new 120gb ps3 slim and a twelve month warranty
Thank you for the report yesterday


Jeff from Preston

Just like to add to your testimonials that you run a thoroughly professional service and are true to your word on dead line times I have one very happy son again. thank you for your speedy turn around on fixing the red ring of death.

all the best Jeff Upton

Customer with Black Wii

Has my Wii chipped today with Steve . . Thrilled with the result . . The work was done so quickly . will recommend to everyone ! Thanks again !

September 2010


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