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Nintendo Wii repair Service

RIng of Death on Wii

On the very first version of Nintendo Wii released there was a design flaw. When connected to the Internet the CPU was functioning but the cooling fan at the back of the console was not. This caused the unit to overheat and damage the main board. On later versions of the console this fault was cured and the fan turned on whenever connected to the Internet.

Other than this fault, the Wii itself is well designed and does not usually overheat. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 both run at a higher temperature and are more prone to main board failures.

Nintendo Wii Laser Repair

The Majority of problems on Wii are associated with the Laser and disc mechanism. If your Wii has stopped reading discs, we can replace the DVD drive for £50 + Collection & delivery - £15. If your Wii is chipped, you will get it back still chipped.

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Nintendo Wii Laser Replacement including Collection & Delivery UK

Shipping costs and the legal standpoint

Playbackups offers Nintendo Wii Modchipping service by post throughout the UK. If your worried about sending your whole console and are confident enough to remove the Wii's Dvd drive, you can post that to us and we will Install the modchip and send it back by return of post. Just add £9.00 for the return postage.

If you're sending the Wii console, do not send any of the accessories, add £9.00 postage. Include your email address with the Nintendo Wii and we will email invoice you and post the console straight back to you.

For those who are a little unsure on the legal aspects - In the UK you are allowed to have 1 backup of every original game you own. To play this perfectly legal backup you require the installation of a Modchip, or Modified Firmware. We provide Modchip services for this purpose. On certain consoles the game region restriction is also defeated. This allows you to play legally purchased foreign games from different regions.

If you are worried that your ISP will block your internet for downloading backup games or films read here.

Buying backup games is not illegal, it is illegal to sell them, so - we do not sell copy games