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Xbox-360 jtag flash programming services


We can now flash the nand on the main board of Xbox360's using a JTAG programmer.

Only use this service if you understand that a JTAG modification is a COMPLEX process. Although some versions of Xbox360 can be jtagged withing a couple of hours. Other versions take much longer. As new updates come out, newer versions of the Coolrunner are required.

Some can take a shorter time, some can take much longer. If you want a modified console quickly, have it FLASHED, this can be done in about 30 minutes.

The current price for JTAG on Xbox360 is £80 using the latest Coolrunner Jtag modchips.

This allows home brew developed software to be run on the Xbox360. In the past this could only be done, on Xbox 360 consoles that were below a certain 'kernel' and that had not had a recent update by Microsoft But a recent "Reset Glitch" discovery means that nearly any version of Xbox360 can be Jtag updated.

Update 2.0.14717.0 requires the Reset Glitch Hack 2. The latest update is 2.0.15574.0 requires additional hardware and will take longer to carry out than earlier firmwares.

Once JTAGGED, the Xbox 360 will be capable of running many software applications from Hard Drive, including backup games!

We can use the new Reset Glitch Hack to Jtag your console and retrieve a lost DVD drive key! This will allow us to repair your Xbox360 even if you have lost the original drive.

Large hard drive's can be loaded full of games and played on your Jtagged Xbox 360 without the need to have the original or any discs to hand.

Using this method we can also recover lost DVD drive keys from Xbox360's that have had the Drive code misplaced.

Make sure you check that your model of Xbox-360 can be Jtagged before sending or bringing the console to our Manchester Electronic workshop for JTAG installation.

Xbox rgh identify

As long as your console has a HDMI port and is listed above, it can be Jtagged.

Beware, Xbox360 Slim new models have Corona motherboards. They are manufactured August 2011 onwards.  The PSU goes from 10.83A (for the orginal 'Trinity' Slim motherboard) to 9.86A. We are working on Jtag hack for this new board and will post when the service is available to Jtag them.

xbox 360 jtag jtagging manchester uk england

If you have dash 2.0.8495.0 or higher, you need the new "Reset Glitch" hack to JTAG your console.

The price to modifiy your Xbox 360 with the NEW Coolrunner JTAG is - £80

Below is a video demonstrating JTAG install at our electronic workshop. By installing the JTAG on the underside of the Xbox360 pcb, and using copper wire, we eliminate a lot of problems caused by resistance in the longer runs of wire.


We will send a courier to pickup your Xbox 360 the following working day. Parcel your console up and we will send you a parcel label to attach to the outside of your packed Xbox 360.

All JTAG Modifications are guaranteed and carried out by experienced electronic engineers at our fullly equipped electronic workshop.


We can collect and deliver back anywhere in the country - We have many years of experience in the repair and upgrade of electronic games consoles.

JTAG upgrades should not be attempted by anyone that does not have a high level of electronic experience and skill.

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JTAGGING is a complex process and should only be done by skilled electronic engineers. Some models of Xbox 360 can take longer to complete than others. If an Xbox360 has a large Nand size, this can take a lot longer to read than normal models. Bad Blocks on the Nand can slow the process, so don't be suprised if you have a console that takes longer than others.

New 2.0.14717 Dashboard Affects RGH - Fixed for Slim
>> From
The new 2.0.14717 dashboard is being rolled out globally this week and so far we have seen possible changes to the CB that may affect RGH consoles.
As always we suggest that you do NOT update until it has been investigated further.

UPDATE: As you know the CB on Phat and Slim were updated with the recent 14717 update, disabling the RGH Glitch mod.

While the Phat solution is a much more in-depth problem (work on CB_B has been ongoing for several weeks in anticipation of this so we are well placed to have news very soon), we have already been able to patch the Slim RGH to be fully functional again. Didn't take long thanks to Old Skool

The fix has been confirmed by a number of team members and we are waiting for feedback from some European testers too and will get the files packed up for release asap.

I'd just like to say what a sweet tool J-Runner was for doing all this