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Xbox 360 Repair services

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Xbox 360 Repair Manchester North West UK


Can you repair / fix the red ring of death?

Xbox 360 Ring of Death Repair / fix - £40 + £15 Collection and Delivery in UK

Xbox 360 Ring of Death E74 & E73 Repair with C&D; UK - £55


Parcel your Xbox 360, console only, in a box wrap it, and we will send a courier to pick it up and deliver it back repaired, within a few days.

Do not use this service if you have had a previous repair attempt by someone else. We cannot warranty other companies previous work.

What causes the RROD RIng of Death on Xbox360?

We can repair Microsoft Xbox 360 RED RING OF DEATH or "RROD" on the Xbox360. The problem is caused by the Microsoft Xbox 360 operating at a very high temperature. This in conjunction with lead-free solder, used in the manufacture process, causes fractures of the solder joints underneath the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Insufficient cooling of the GPU causes the solder to fracture or 'creep'. Voids in the solder caused by pockets of gas when manufactured can make the problem worse and more difficult to repair.

New boards, present in all Elite units, operate at lower temperature and are less likely to develop the Ring of Death fault. The older Xbox360 consoles use 16.5amps of power (Printed on the back of the console), newer 14.5amp versions were introduced, then the new 'Jasper' chipsets were released with a newly designed Graphics Chip with a reduced power consumption of - 12amps. Microsoft believe that they have, after spending a lot of money, cured the problem of the 'Ring of Death' on this new design of board.


Microsoft extended their warranty on 'Ring of Death' faults and 'Error 73 and 74' to 3 years.

We can Repair Microsoft Xbox 360 units not covered by Microsoft extended warranty for £40. This involves removing the heat sinks for the CPU and GPU and re attaching them with new heat compound and realignment of the Heat Sinks to more evenly conduct the heat away from the processing units. This has the effect of reducing the overall temperature of the Graphics and Processing chips to avoid overheating of the solder in the future. The fractured connections caused by overheating are repaired by Infrared re flow of the solder on the GPU. Our Xbox360 3 Red Light fix on these units has proved itself to be an extremely reliable repair.

Xbox360 Ring of death cannot be cured with an Oven or Heat gun - Many repair centers are using bad practices in an attempt to repair the Ring of Death. The only way to repair the Ring of death is to re flow the disconnected solder joints using an Infrared BGA rework station. All other methods do not correctly re flow the solder. Heating with an Oven can briefly reconnect the electronic connections but without a full re flow, the problem will reoccur more quickly than a correct Infra Red re flow.

We can Repair Microsoft Xbox 360 Using the latest INFRA-RED technology We use the latest in Infra-Red technology to re-flow the solder on Xbox 360 consoles that have the 3-Red-Light problem. This method is recognized as the best way to safely re flow solder on electronic components and reduces the risk of damage to the GPU as well as providing the best method of repair. It is not safe practice to simply heat the main board as the re-flow temperature of the solder and the failure temperature of the GPU are extremely close. Infra Red is the only way to reach these temperatures safely.

Xbox 360 Error 74 Repair - £40 + £15 collection and delivery in UK


Error 74 on the Xbox360 is similar to the 3-Red-Lights fault as both are caused by the same defect on the Xbox360. Error 74 is caused by the solder cracking underneath the GPU and is just another way that the fault can manifest itself. Error 74 is a more problamatic Error and this fault tends to be more related to the solder having pockets of gas causing voids in the solder joints.

All repairs, providing nobody else has attempted a repair, that we apply to the main board of the Xbox360 are guaranteed for a period of three months. All repairs are carried out at our electronic workshop in North Manchester.

We do not take your console and tell you to come back in days or weeks. Your console can be repaired, in most cases, while-you-wait on our workbench in front of you. This is not possible if you have compound problems or have attempted to repair the console yourself.

We can also repair many faults on the Microsoft Xbox 360 such as:-

Xbox 360 Error74 - This fault is caused by the same problems on the main board of the Xbox 360 as the 3-Red-Light fault. This can be repaired at our Manchester workshop for £40.

Xbox 360 4 Red Light - If your Xbox360 displays 4 red lights - there is no video cable detected, make sure it is plugged in!

Xbox 360 3 Red Light - Known as the Ring of Death. We use the latest Infra Red electronic equipment to cure this fault.

Xbox 360 2 Red Light - An xbox 360 displaying 2 red lights is overheating. This problem can be a result of the GPU and CPU overheating and may not always be repairable.

Xbox 360 1 Red Light - If your Xbox 360 is displaying 1 red light, this is normally due to a fault on the graphics processing chip. Faulty video cables in some cases are known to cause this problem. So replacing the video lead is recommended when you have this fault repaired.

Error messages displayed on screen when you have - 1 Red Light flashing:

Xbox360 error code E45: Unknown (possibly dashboard update related)
Xbox360 error code E64: DVD Drive Error - DVD has timed-out, Wrong firmware, dvd chip error.
Xbox360 error code E65: DVD Drive Error - DVD has timed-out, can be caused by the tray not being fully closed on boot.
Xbox360 error code E66: DVD Drive Error - DVD model, or version does not match the original model installed.
Xbox360 error code E67: Hard Drive Error - Try removing hard drive. Can also be the connection on main board.
Xbox360 error code E68: Hard Drive Error - Could be Hard Drive or hard drive controller eprom.
Xbox360 error code E69: Hard Drive Error - Try removing hard drive.
Xbox360 error code E71: possibly a dashboard update error.
Xbox360 error code E72: No information available on this code
Xbox360 error code E73: General Hardware Error.
Xbox360 error code E74: AV cable error. Can be caused by bad connections on GPU and other chips.
Xbox360 error code E76 repair: No information available on this code
Xbox360 error code E79 repair: Hard Drive Error - Try removing hard drive.

Xbox 360 No video repair - If your Xbox360 has no video when you turn it on it may have developed a fault on the Graphics chip. We can repair this problem quickly and easily at our electronic workshop in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Xbox 360 Blocky graphics repair - There are many problems associated with graphics on the Xbox360. The graphics chip was inadequately cooled and as a result develops many symptoms. We can cure these faults and guarantee all repairs on the Xbox360 for 3 months.

Xbox 360 game freezing repair and many more faults.

Many errors associated with the Xbox360 DVD drive unit can be repaired, all Xbox 360 repair services carried out are guaranteed for 3 months:-

Xbox 360 DVD drive not opening repair - We can repair stick draw mechanism's on your xbox 360, this can be done quickly and easily at our Manchester workshop. 

Xbox 360 Laser not reading discs repair - We repair any problems associated with the Xbox 360 laser mechanism or diode emitters.

Xbox360 Noisy disc mechanism repair - We can repair many mechanism faults on the Xbox 360, and have many years of experience in the repair of these faults.

Xbox 360 case repair - We stock many spare parts for the Xbox 360 including case parts.

Xbox 360 controller repair - We can repair many faults on the Xbox 360 wireless controllers.

Xbox 360 not reading discs repair:

Xbox 360 Drive Replacement with C&D; UK - £65

If your Xbox 360 has stopped reading discs, we can repair the Xbox 360 by replacing the DVD laser unit. The cost of this repair on the Xbox 360 is £65 including C&D anywhere in the UK. Repairs to the Xbox 360 laser unit are guaranteed. A new laser unit fitted into your Xbox 360 is guaranteed for 3 months.



New Repairs on the Microsoft Xbox 360 are guaranteed and we do not charge if we cannot repair your Xbox 360. Our Xbox 360 repair services are simply the best and we know how important your Xbox 360 is to you or your children. In most cases we can perform the repair to your Xbox 360 while you wait.

We cannot guarantee repairs to consoles that have had attempted repairs by others. We will assist you by attempting to repair these units, but cannot give a guarantee because we simply do not know what damage was done be novice repair attempts.

Repairs to the Microsoft Xbox 360 are carried out at our fully equipped electronic workshop. We do not recommend wrapping the Xbox 360 in a towel in an attempt to repair the fault. This causes overheating and can permanently damage your Xbox 360. Repairs to the Xbox 360 are best carried out by experienced electronic engineers. We have been repairing and upgrading consoles for many years since the release of the very first Playstation console released by Sony in 1996.

We have carried out upgrades and Repairs to the original Microsoft Xbox since its release and have worked on the Xbox 360 since its very first release in the UK. We are experienced electronic engineers based in Manchester and we only repair game consoles. There are many jack of all trades repair shops. We are the Xbox 360 repair specialists and we repair consoles for many shops and businesses throughout the United Kingdom.


Xbox 360 Ring of Death Repair with C&D; UK - £55

Do not use this service if you have had a previous repair attempt by someone else. We cannot warranty other companies previous work.