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Ixtreme lt v3.0 for phat and thin Xbox out now!

£30 to flash all phat version drives - £40 for slim's

ixtreme 3.0 for slim xbox360 out now.

December 2011: iXtreme LT v3.0 released for Phat Philips drives, BenQ and Lite-On.!

January 2012: Ixtreme LTv3.0 released for thin drives 0272, 0225, 0401 and 1071.

Detailed information on firmware and hardware releases for the Microsoft Xbox 360 is available on:

We can update your already flashed drive or flash you unflashed Xbox360 drive to LT3.0 at our North Manchester electronic workshop:


£20 to update from earlier firmware.



Flashing service for the older large PHAT versions of Xbox360 with collection and delivery within the UK.


Flashing service for smaller SLIM versions of Xbox360 with collection and delivery back withing the UK.



Parcel up your Xbox360 ready to be picked up if you are using this service and we will email you an address label to stick on the outside of the parcel. The original box and packaging that the Xbox comes in makes an ideal box for sending to us. Do not send the Hard drives or any of the leads. 

We will normally pick your Xbox 360 up the following working day. The unit is flashed and returned to you the same day we receive it. From collection to delivery back is normally 4-5 days.


We can reflash your Xbox 360 drive with the new latest Ixtreme LT 3.0 firmware that will play your backup and original games compatabile with Wav3 and Wav4 games. With this modification the old firmware in the DVD drive is replace by the latest version of IXtreme. This firmware is resistant to detection by those pesky little people over at Xbox 360 live.

WHICH DRIVE UNIT DO I HAVE IN MY XBOX??? - We can flash all large Xbox drives.

Xbox 360 Firmware Flash - £30 - Ixtreme LT 3.0 (Including new Lite-On 83v2, 93450)

Xbox360 SLIM 360 Firmware Flash - £40 - (All Slim drives)

Xbox 360 flash upgrade - £20 - (To upgrade a previously flashed drive)

Xbox 360 phat Firmware Flash - £30 on older Xbox 360 drive units.

Xbox 360 phat Lite-On drive flash - £30 (All phat Lite-On drives can now be flashed).

The new Xbox 360 Philips Lite-On drives can now be flashed. All units made since April 2008 have these drives. We can flash these drives and repair all faults on the Xbox 360 drive units.

The current price to perform Xbox 360 phat Lite-On drive flash is £30.

Xbox 360 flash upgrade to Ixtreme 'Lite touch' from earlier firmware - £20

We can upgrade your firmware even if you didnt have it originally flashed by us.


The best way of modifying an Xbox360 to play backup games, is to flash the DVD drive with the latest Ixtreme firmware. Modchips on Xbox360 are entirely a waste of time. Microsoft spends a lot of time redesigning the DVD contoller board to stop modchips being added to the board. They cover the PCB in epoxy resin which on most units needs to be removed entirely to add a modchip.

On the original XBOX modchips were added to the main board and made switchable for xbox live. Because of the switch to modifying the DVD drive on the Xox360 instead of the main board, this type of modification is defunct. Reprogramming the original chip on the DVD contoller allows you to play undetected on Xbox live, where adding a different chip makes the Xbox360 more detectable. This is because a different chipset has a different response time that can be measured by Microsoft.

Can I play on Xbox Live when my Xbox 360 is flashed?

Yes you can. New Ixtreme Lite Touch firmware is 'Stealth' and is difficult for Microsoft to detect. More recent ways that Microsoft have being using to detect modification is to look at the game saves on your hard drive. If you have a game save from a game that is not released in your region, you must be playing on a modified console and they will ban that particular Xbox 360 from xbox live. Games released in America and then zero regioned and played on European consoles before they are legally available in that region, would be one way of getting your Xbox 360 banned from Xbox Live.

You can of course just sell your Xbox 360 and buy another, that will be allowed to access your Xbox live account.


If you want to save money on postage, you can remove the DVD drive from the Xbox 360 and post that to us on its own. We can update the Xbox360 DVD drive firmware for you at our Manchester workshop and post it straight back. The total cost including return postage would be £35. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Ixtreme, it would be £25. There is an instructional video below on how to remove the drive from your Xbox 360, you can also remove and send us the Xbox 360 drive for any repairs..


Can I play foreign games when my Xbox 360 has been flashed?

Yes you can. Though the hack on the Xbox 360 is not a multi region hack. Games from America can be patched to the region of your console and played. So if you bought retail games in America and tried to play them in your European console, they would not work. You would have to read them into a PC, extract the security sectors, patch the game to your region, then write the game to disc.

Another method of playing foreign games is by having your Xbox360 Jtagged. This method allows games to run from hard drive from any region. You cannot however play on XBOX LIVE with a JTAGGED Xbox360.

January 2012 NEWS:


Xbox360 slim LT3.0 is availbable for slim drive's!

How to strip your Xbox360 SLIM if you just want to send us the drive:


Keep an eye out here for full info when firmwares are released for the other Xbox360 slim drives..


An updated firmware, Ixtreme 'LT 3.0' for all Xbox360 'phat' and 'slim' versions.

We can flash all Xbox360 (Large version) drives, including the new drives shipped in consoles manufactured since August and September 2009.

Flashing service for older large PHAT versions of Xbox360 with collection and delivery back in the UK.


Flashing service for smaller SLIM versions of Xbox360 with collection and delivery back withing the UK.

You should check which drive you have in your SLIM before sending it. If it was manufactured on or before August 2011, it should be flashable. Slim's manufactured after that are a lot harder to modify. Check here for a list of drives. The Hitachi and 1175 drives are the harder ones to flash.



Can you fix / repair the red ring of death?

Yes we can! Check out our Xbox 360 Repair page for full information on our Xbox360 Ring of Death Repair. We can repair other faults on the Xbox360 like the Red Ring of Death, and the ever more common fault on the Xbox - Error 74. We can repair a multitude of faults on the 360 like the 'sticky draw' fault and all laser faults relating to games not booting on the Xbox 360. All repair services on the Xbox 360 are fully guaranteed. After the repairs are completed we are happy to flash your Xbox 360 to allow it to playbackup games, purchased or downloaded from the internet.

shipping costs and the legal standpoint

IS FLASHING ILLEGAL??? - The simple answer is no it isn't. You are allowed 1 backup copy of every original game that you own. Our advice is to back-up your games as optical media does not last forever. In fact experts do not know how long the discs will last for and you risk losing the financial investment you made when you purchased those really expensive games.

Playbackups Xbox 360 flashing service is designed to allow perfectly legal backups of your original games to play. It is not illegal to buy these games. It is not illegal to download the games either, if you already own the original. It is not illegal to flash the Xbox 360 as it is your property and you can choose what you do with that property..

If you are worried that your ISP will block your internet for downloading backup games or films read here